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Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – Mid-century modern kitchen design is one that combines the best elements of classic design and innovation. This style is often known as “luteness” or “flatness”. When you look into the details of a mid-century modern kitchen, you’ll find that the main focus is on efficiency and speed. It’s all about minimizing the time and effort required to prepare meals for your family.

Ideal Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design

Mid-century modern kitchen designs tend towards flat, clean lines with a light, but noticeable grain. Flat tiles are common throughout the room, from countertops to flooring to cabinet facings. Because there’s no high gloss or staining, this flooring is ideal for families who don’t have a lot of experience doing up their floors. Tiles can be unfinished, or you can choose to get your flooring already stained and ready to install.

Mid-century modern kitchens often have open shelves, and white cabinets, which is a popular design element. You may choose white cabinets with a glass top or an inset of porcelain in a dark wood grain. These will create a very clean, streamlined vibe. White cabinets work well with metal appliances, and black and white grilles look great alongside stainless steel appliances.

Beautiful Mid Century Modern Kitchen Display

A mid-century modern kitchen will often have a countertop that’s straight and clean. It’s important not to use a heavy granite countertop, because it will only make a room look larger. Instead, opt for a light maple or beech countertop, with touches of dark colored hardwoods or dark wood trimmed with metal for a customized look. If you like your home to sparkle, choose a crystal chandelier with crystal stemware, or a pendant light with hanging crystals to really set off the look of your mid-century modern kitchen.

As mentioned before, mid-century modern kitchens often have open shelving. The best thing about open shelving is that it creates plenty of storage, but the downside is that it makes the room feel quite cramped. That’s why many people opt for cabinets that are fitted with open shelves, usually in wood. One thing to note, however, is that cabinets with open shelves will only work if your kitchen has enough square footage to accommodate them. If you’re not room for open shelving in your small kitchen, you can always install wall cabinets with glass front doors or a layer of insulation between the wall and the cabinets.

Selection of the Best Stainless Steel Cabinets

Mid-century modern kitchens will typically have a few common items, such as built-in kitchen tables, island bars and built-in barstools. However, you can add additional furniture units as needed, especially if you’re looking for a particular style. A mid-century modern kitchen will typically have one or two countertops (although the tops can be as high as needed to accommodate pizza ovens or other larger appliances) and one or two cabinets. You can choose from laminate, stainless steel, or wrought iron cabinets; the type of wood used will also differ according to the era.

Another way to set the mood of your kitchen interior is to choose accessories and accents that have a mid-century modern feel. White tiles are a popular choice, as they are simple yet elegant. Choose white tiles in light, pastel shades to create a cozy, airy vibe. Similarly, if you want to create a funky vintage vibe, go for bold, earthy colors such as brick red, taupe or coral.

Mid-century modern homes typically employ hard, solid surfaces such as stainless steel or black granite in the kitchen area. Tiled floors are best avoided, as they tend to make a room look cramped and nasal. Instead, opt for backsplash tiles that can be used to set off the white tile or other accent pieces. To create a more modernistic vibe, choose a glass-fronted kitchen with a flat top.

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