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Tips for Decorating Small Minimalist Living Rooms

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Globalkicau.com – The very first thing that you should do when you plan to decorate your small minimalist living room is to plan your scheme. You need to think of your budget and the color scheme that you want for your small living area. Next, think of the furniture that you are going to use in your small living area. Think also of the style and the material that you are going to decorate it with. Here is more decoration ideas for your small minimalist living room.

The Best Minimalist Living Room Decoration

Colorful Coffee Table With Coffee Table Shades This can be one of the best decorations for your small minimalist living room. You can place this coffee table in your kitchen along with a vase of greenery which blends with the color of the coffee table. Then you can use this coffee table with shades in different designs such as leaf shape to create an organic shape.

Colorful sofa with Shiny Upholstered Sofa Chair In the style of the Japanese teak furniture, the small minimalist living room ideas include a matching sofa and chair set. This can be a great accent for your room or even with the curtains drawn on the windows. You can place small cushions on the upholstered sofa or chair. If there is a beautiful curtain, you can match it with this sofa set. You can have a small vase of greenery or even an old lamp with the same theme as the sofas.

Cozy Bench Seat A bench seat can also be a great accent for your small minimalist living room. It can add texture and colour to the room. If there is some wooden texture on the bench seat, it can create interest on the legs of the bench seat.

Nice Small Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Black Table and Black Chair Another great way to add small minimalist living room ideas are using black and brown colored furniture. The black table can be a coffee table. If there is any metal on the table, it can be the black table. And the chairs that can be used for this type of furniture are the simple black leather chairs with the simple grey sofa set. Add a cushion on the back of the chair and this is a very elegant look.

Grey Sofa and Grey Chair Another great option for small minimalist living room design ideas is the grey sofa and grey chair. These can create a perfect accent for any room in your house. You can use this with leather or some fabric cushions. Grey is a neutral color that can fit in any kind of environment. It is very versatile and has very interesting tones that will suit the mood of the people who will be using the sofa or the chairs.

Wall Art and Furniture Another aspect of this kind of living room is the art and the furniture. You should have a beautiful painting or wallpaper on the wall and maybe some smaller framed artwork too. This should compliment the color palette that you have on the walls and the small furniture.

Contemporary Interior Design for Small Living Room

Fireplace Another element of the contemporary interior design for the small living room is the fireplace. It gives the impression that the space is bigger than what it actually is by giving the impression that there is air flow in the room. For this effect, you should have an open fireplace in the centre of the living room with concrete walls or with the wooden frames that will make it look bigger than what it actually is.

Open Concept Living Room Decor With a dark neutral floor, the rest of the decor and the furniture will be in the medium tone brown wood floors. With the fireplace, you have to have light coloured cushions. Then you can use some black furniture like the end tables. You can then add some brown curtains to the windows. To complete this, you can have some modern art pieces that will match the living concept and the fireplace.

Selection of Comfortable and Right Furniture

Comfy Furniture Comfortable furniture is not only important for providing the appropriate atmosphere for the residents but also for the visitors. You should have comfortable furniture like an Ottoman where you can put your feet up when you watch TV or an armchair where you can read a book. Then, you can have a sofa or a settee that you can relax on. You can also get comfy furniture like an end table or some armchairs that have some interesting shapes and colours. If you want your living room to have a more oriental touch, you can add some oriental rugs to it.

Grey Rug This is also one of the most important accessories for your small living room. If you have a very modernistic living room, you may want to add a grey rug that goes with the modernistic decor. A grey rug will go well with the black sofa, black end table, and the black-framed fireplace. If you have a traditional or an antique-style living room, you may want to add a white wall to the wall, with a grey rug on top of the white wall.

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