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Small Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – Small industrial kitchens are not just for large companies, they are also for those who live in apartments or in dorms where space is at a premium. Do not be intimidated when you start building your small industrial kitchen, especially if you are a novice at building things. There is a very strong design element of making an entire room look like an industrial setting. Try to find inspiration from pictures of industrial kitchens or take them with you while you’re brainstorming. Here are a few small industrial kitchen ideas that can be applied to your apartment or dorm room.

Choose Dark Wood for Light Colored Walls and Floors

Choose a dark wood for the walls and a light-colored, but not too dark, floor. Opt for the classic red brick color and surround it with sturdy metal materials. Get the classic metal chairs and the heavy metal-wood desk to really set off the industrial vibe. Install the large white hanging lamps above the small table. On the opposite side, install some wall art on the wall. These small industrial kitchen ideas will work well with all types of space, even if you are a solo person who has a roommate.

Brick and subway tile are two great styles to use as the flooring material for your small industrial kitchen. These types of flooring options can be themed in many ways. For instance, if there is a bar area, you can choose a country bar look to match your kitchen. If there is more of a cooking area, you can opt for stainless steel or black kitchen design to match your appliances.

Once you have the basic flooring selected, you can begin decorating. Lamps and small accent lights can really make a difference when you are working in such a small space. Lamps with bold colors to give the impression that there is more than one light source in the kitchen. Accent lights hanging from the ceiling also make this industrial design look very interesting. In order to make your industrial theme work, you should keep your appliances in the same color family so they match the rest of the flooring.

Great Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Another great idea that combines industrial kitchen ideas with practicality is a combination of authentic materials with modern elements. You can use brick walls for the floor and then combine a laminate countertop with stainless steel or black refrigerator. This is one of the best options if you do not want to replace the appliances in your old kitchen. In fact, by simply combining the two, you may find that you save a lot of money.

Wood is also a popular choice in small industrial kitchens. Lighter colored woods such as pine work well because they add just the right touch of warmth. This style of wood can blend into the existing decor very well and is easy to maintain. However, there are some kinds of wood that are better choices for this kind of setting such as redwood or cedar.

Using the Right Kitchen Utensils

Some people are concerned about energy consumption when choosing small-sized kitchens. If your aim is to have an environment that is as energy-efficient as possible, then you should try to go with stainless steel appliances. These work best in small kitchens that have an island in the center. You can then add other elements such as a bar refrigerator in the kitchen that features compartments and shelves. For convenience, it would also be advisable to install cable Internet connections where necessary.

Dark wood such as mahogany is often work well with this industrial kitchen design style because it adds a certain rustic charm. This option is often best used in small homes where it fits well with other style choices. Dark colors are often associated with power, so it is often good idea to choose a dark wood for a space that will not require much lighting.

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